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“In Congress, our representatives are too busy fighting with each other to do even the most basic parts of their job - - like passing a budget.

"That is why I support the “No Budget, No Pay Act” because if Congress can’t do their jobs, they shouldn’t get a paycheck either.

"It’s time that we held Congress responsible for their actions and demand that they stop fighting amongst themselves and start doing their jobs. The “No Budget, No Pay Act” is a great way to start doing that.”

I spoke with Independent Voter earlier this week and talked about why I'm running. I want to represent everyone in California's 25th district. As your representative in Congress, I won't be evaluating policies by which party came up with them, but rather by determinig if it’s a good idea for our dis... See More

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Details a pattern of illegal and unethical campaign finance practices

Simi Valley, CA –  Today, Tony Strickland’s campaign for Congress announced that it had filed a complaint against Steve Knight with the Federal Election Commission after repeated campaign finance law violations by Knight’s campaign.  

“Over the course of this...




Says Representatives shouldn’t get paid if they don’t pass a budget

Simi Valley, CA – Today, 25th District Congressional candidate Tony Strickland announced the release of the first television ad of the general election, titled “Budget”.

“It’s about time Washington gets the job done,” said Strickland.  “The first step to...




Tony Strickland Leads Second Quarter Fundraising

Simi Valley, CA – Today, Congressional candidate Tony Strickland announced that his campaign raised over $200,000 since May 15th and has over $234,000 cash on hand.

“After being the top vote getter in the primary, this latest report...